Monday, June 25, 2007

Was Hitler a Pervert?

Question 5: Was Adolf Hitler a Sexual Pervert?

Answer: During World War 2, the Allies started many rumors about Hitler for propaganda purposes. For example, when France surrendered, Hitler was shown over and over in the newsreels as apparently dancing a jig. After the war, the truth was released. The "jig" was actually the result of some fancy photo shop work by clever Allied intelligence.

Other rumors circulated about Hitler was that he had only one testicle (this was apparently supposed to prove that Hitler was not normal and, possibly, explain why he was so mad at the world) and also that Hitler was a sexual pervert.

Again, after the war, Hitler's doctors reported that Hitler had two testicles so he was not abnormal in that sense. Also, those persons closest to Hitler and to Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress and wife of one day, reported that Hitler's sex life was perfectly normal. Indeed, Hitler's sex life was so normal, it would be considered boring by today's standards.

Many German beauties (and some British and American women), threw themselves at Hitler and he could have had almost any women he wanted. Instead, he seemed to prefer "typical" German women such as the plain Eva Braun whom he seemed to genuinely care for.

Eva was his mistress for many years, but Hitler kept the affair from the German people because he did not want to upset their sensibilities (how conventional can you get?). When Hitler had big-wig visitors who did not know about his relationship with Eva, Eva was banned from the social gatherings. She often spent these "banned" periods talking with Albert Speer, a close associate of Hitler's, who had a genuine liking for her. When Hitler's inner circle had a social gathering, the ban was not in effect because they all knew about Eva. Eva could then join the close friends which often included Speer.

A possible evidence of perversion with Hitler was the Rebata Mueller incident. She claimed that while visiting Hitler at the Chancellery, he threw himself on the floor and begged her to kick him and inflict pain. The truth about this alleged event will probably never be known since Ms. Mueller apparently committed suicide shortly after the event was supposed to have taken place. (Her sister denied that Ms. Mueller committed suicide inferring that she was murdered.)

Hitler summed up his love life best when he told someone that he had had many disappointments in his love affairs. It appears that even when his love affairs were consummated, they were about as exciting as the love life of Ma and Pa Kettle.

Hitler was into power and not sex!


Anonymous said...

Even though propaganda was ripe among all nations during this time, I would really like a comprehensive answer to Hitlers' love life. Albert Speer, as said did enjoy the company of Eva Braun but, there is also controversy, on the actual physical relations, between Hitler and women. Was Hitler intimately involved with his half-niece, "Geli"?

Anonymous said...

Actually Hitler did only have one ball. He lost the other in Austria fighting in the first world war.... It now risides in the Albert Hall

Anonymous said...

Acually many scholars do believe that Hitler was a sexual pervert. There are proven accounts of him haveing women defecat and urinate on him and he also apperantly did like to be "punished". Hitler also practiced blood letting and was said to also participate in this during intercourse.

Anonymous said...

I like to think I've got an objective view on the activities of Uncle Adolf, I take attempts to further demonize him as a bit unnecessary as he did a pretty good job of demonizing himself. Your commentary seems to attempt to depict him as a regular guy who was a bit misunderstood but basically meant well.Personally I think there's a lot of truth in him liking to see the workings of young women defacating in all it's detail...but it takes all sorts to make a tyrannical despot I suppose! One ball? Probably not but Himmler may have had something similar but poor old Goering...well!

Leonardo de la Paor said...

Forget about Hitler & think about the last 3 Stooges that were President of America:

George Bush was a DRUNK, PERVERT & a COWARD!

Bill Clinton was a DRUGGIE, PERVERT & a COWARD!


Adolph Hitler looks respectable compared to these 3 CLOWNS. is where you get the Truth! OK?

Leonardo de la Paor said...

This is for you Anonymous:

Jews should remain Anonymous, like they did after 911; USS Liberty & a thousand & one other crimes they have committed against their HOST, but being PARASITES, what would you expect?

Schrödinger Catboy said...

Stop believing in wartime propaganda and better look at the facts of our last three presidents