Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why Did Magda Goebbels Kill Her 6 Children?

World War 2 Question No. 6. Why Did Magda Goebbels Kill Her 6 Children in the Bunker?

Answer: The Events Regarding Magda Goebbels as World War 2 came to an end is something that could have been in a Shakespeare tragedy. The only modern fiction equal to Magda's real-life story might be Sophie's Choice (book & movie) in which the unfortunate Sophie is forced by a sadistic Nazi concentration camp official to make the awful decision as to which one of her two beloved children will live.

Magda, the wife of Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, was a beautiful, somewhat promiscuous woman that often served as a sort of "first lady" to bachelor Adolf Hitler. Hitler was very fond of the Goebbels family who produced six children for Hitler's third reich. In turn, Magda thought so much of Hitler that she began the names of each of the six children with an "H."

Although the Goebbels' marriage was a somewhat stormy one with both Magda and, especially Joseph, taking other lovers, they stayed together and when Hitler retreated to the bunker, Magda, Joseph, and the 6 children followed their hero. Joseph made a decision that they would all die with Hitler. The children were to die because Goebbels felt the children would be used as propaganda against him and the Nazi regime.

Magda was decimated by this decision but apparently did nothing to stop it. Both Hitler and Albert Speer (close friend of Magda as he was to many Nazi big-wig wives - they apparently enjoyed talking to the intelligent and sensitive Speer) tried to convince her to save the children. Speer even offered her refuge. She needed refuge from her husband who was becoming very abnormal as the end of the war approached.

But Magda appeared to have made up her mind that the children were to die.

On Speer's last trip to the bunker, he met with Magda who was in bed totally devastated by the coming death of her children. However, Joseph Goebbels did not leave the pair along and Speer was unable to talk freely with her. Speer bitterly complained about this in "Inside the Third Reich." However, it probably would not have mattered. Magda Goebbels' had made a decision that would leave her name in infamy.

The day after Hitler died, she allegedly fed the children cyanide poison-laced hot chocolate although one report is that they died via injection at Joseph Goebbels' orders. Then Joseph and Magda had themselves shot and their corpes burned by soldiers.

One of the many horror stories of World War 2. Almost certainly, Magda could have saved the children with the all-powerful Hitler and highly-placed Speer on her side - even in the insane environment that existed in the bunker. Magda was just not strong enough to stand up to the fanatical and very abnormal Joseph Goebbels.

However, when the lives of 6 children are at stake, a mother has to develop the strength!

How could she have done it?


Anonymous said...

Darf man MAGDA GOEBBELS verachten,
verurteilen und kriminalisieren ?

Darf man MAGDA GOEBBELS bewundern ?
Ich bin der festen Meinung: JA !
Man kann und sollte sie bewundern:
als deutsche Frau, als Mensch - und als besorgte, liebevolle Mutter !

Magda Goebbels hat in allem nur das Beste gewollt.
Daran glaube ich und danach handle ich, indem ich diese tapfere deutsche Frau in Schutz nehme und für sie einstehe !

Frage: was hätten die Russen mit den unschuldigen Kindern getan ?
Wer die russischen Greuel von Nemmersdorf und Gumbinnen kennt, weiß die Antwort !
Und dann in Berlin ! Zehntausende von Mädchen und Frauen, von 8-80 Jahren, wurden viehisch vergewaltigt...oder ermordet.

Stellen wir uns die Frage, was mit den Kindern von Magda und Joseph Goebbels geschehen wäre, so ist die "Auswahl" vielfältig.
Hätte man die unschuldigen Kinder in Moskau ausgestellt und der Moskauer Bevölkerung wie Tiere vorgeführt ?
Hätte man die Mädchen vergewaltigt oder auf sonstige Weise mißbraucht ?
Hätte man sie einem gewaltigen "Umerziehungsprogramm" unterworfen ?
Wir wissen es nicht.

Aber ich glaube, die unschuldigen Goebbels-Kinder hätten keine gute, anständige und kindgerechte Zukunft gehabt !
Ihr Tod war eine Erlösung.
Es war der bessere Weg.

Viele Grüße

Karl Kuhn

Golde said...

Omg...Magda Goebbels is just...SO FUCKIN' HOT, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL...but stupid :((

Anonymous said...

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Anitha said...

I can't someone would kill their own children.. Just because of dumb hitler! That is so stupid! Well may thy children rest in peace in heaven:))

Anitha said...

Hey whoever you guys are posting up comments saying Magda is hot.. Is so immature and stupid! Stop saying stuff you dont know! Cause this is very serious! Imagine yourself in a holocauset situation! That is very sad!

Anonymous said...

Magda was a loving woman who believed in the Nazi cause and maybe most of all in her husband. She probably thought that killing the children was the best thing to do to prevent them from any atrocities that the Red Army could have done. It must have been hard as hell keeping up a good face in front of the children when giving them the sedatives, and even harder killing her own sweet children, but I always were led to believe for a fact that all the kids drank "medicine" from a glass which they all shared, and that Magda later came in when they were asleep from the sedative, killing them by putting the cyanide capsules between their teeth and pushing up the chin? I can see why she would have done it, but her actions will NEVER be forgiveable! Ultimately, she should had been a mother first, sparing them from sharing the fate with her and her husband and see to it that her children got a full life - sent them on their way with Albert Speer and giving them a chance to survive. As long as there is life, there is hope! The kids maybe would have to change names, country, language and lifestyle, but they would have had each other, and a chance to live out their days! They never deserved to die. I don't care what you wrote, Karl Kuhn, killing them maybe was a solution (and the BEST solution ACCORDING TO THE GOEBBELS), but it was the WRONG thing to do and NOT the only nor best option! If they hadn't left with Speer, they could have been surrendered to the Americans, who would have treated the kids and seen to it that they were safe and in good health. They could also have been evacuated/relocated to Sweden or some other neutral nation for their own protection, but nope, they had to die instead because their egoistic parents probably wanted their children to die with them. Sweet innocent lovable children who totally depended on their parents... Poor Helga must have really felt agony when realizing what was about to transpire. This happened a long time ago but still my heart aches for them. THERE WERE OTHER WAYS! Unforgivable. Totally unforgivable. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

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rick smiff said...

Magda was a slut having had affairs with several soldiers who visited their home and the bunker,including Eva Brauns brother -in-law and saw her husband as a toady to the fuhrer.He(Goebbels)
was totally consumed with HIS supposed legacy and believed he would garner respect for this viscious deed

Anonymous said...

Magda wasn't extaly totally agianst the horror that was the murder of her children. She was also a madwoman and belived that her children had no alternative than to die for the Nazi cause

shanta gopal said...

Magda simply didn't have the courage , effort and brains to think of ways and means to bring her children out of the country .She believed Hitler and his idea more than her belief in God .It makes me think she is of what religion;a religion which dosen't teach her to be brave hopeful and trust in God .She could have fing means and ways to evacuate these children to some other parts of the world maybe even to the North Pole.

Stephen Williams said...

I put this squarely on the shoulders of Josef Goebbels. He should have ORDERED his wife to take the children and go to either Berchtesgaden or Garmish
Partenkirchen. They would be safe there from the Red Army. This should have been done way in advance and he would have had Hitler's support on this. This madman murdered his own family. He cared nothing for either his wife or children. A he considered himself a "soldier of the Reich" who needed to stay and die with his Fuhrer, so be it. Soldiers do not take their families into battle. Murdering his children was a cowardly act by Goebbels. None of the wives or children of other high Nazi officials suffered any mistreatment after the war, especially by the Western Allies.
No, Goebbels needed to put his wife in charge of the children and forcefully order her out of Berlin and to meet her oldest son Harald Quandt in Southern Germany. An barbaric and inexcusable act by a madman!

Paul Mart10 said...

So, if the jew heroes of Massad kill themselves to avoid capture by the Romans, that is brave and noble, but if a nazi kills her family and herself to avoid capture at the hands of the brutal vengeful Russians and equally brutal and genocidal British, that is bad and cowardly? Magda knew that being Goebbel's kids was going to be heavy and interminable cross to bear after the war and that they would have to deny and villify their own parents to be even marginally acceptable in society. Who can judge them for their decision? Maybe those among you who have lived a similar experience of total commitment to the death? Yeah, I didn't think so.